Elafun Yoga classes give children an opportunity to explore the potentials of their body and learn how to control their mind. Through proper exercises, games and activities they learn how to build their physical and mental strength that they will need in everyday life.

During our non-competitive classes we recognize uniqueness of each child and we assist them to develop their strength on their own terms.


Elizabeth Zielinski, the founder of Elafun Yoga for Kids and Teens, was a corporate employee for over 15 years before she decided it was time for a change.
She founded Elafun in order to follow something that was meaningful to her: helping kids to develop physical and mental strength.
Elizabeth has been an active participant of Yoga for over 12 years. Earlier in her life, she was a professional dancer and kids choreographer. She loved working with kids, and kids loved her.
Now as a mother of three she has an even better understanding of the importance of mindfulness and the proper development of the growing bodies of children.

She has completed the Kids Yoga Teachers courses and started her journey with Elafun Yoga for Kids and Teens.

"Embrace and love your body.
It is the most amazing thing you will ever own"